Luna Stars

The exclusive collection inspired by the beauty of wonder.
A new, innovative project of artistic perfumery is born,
inspired by the search for the root of the fragrance.


A new, innovative project of artistic perfumery is born, inspired by the search for the root of the fragrance.
The first perfume in the history was certainly alcohol free, a wondrous and magical potion to be spread gently on the skin as a nectar from the gods, contained in glass ampoules of wondrous beauty.

This nectar of pure essence brings us back to very ancient and heavenly origins of perfume. It must be used by skilled hands, and only by a deep connoisseur of beauty. Only those with a sophisticated soul can have the privilege of knowing the art contained in these glass ampoules. Only those who know how to dose the precious nectar will receive back all its full vitality, building around them an aura of unique and irresistible charm.

You may use wise drops of this nectar in the hot spots of your body, such as wrists, ankles, neck or the area behind the ear, creating a long cloak of fragrant scents around you, unsurpassed intensity and a long lasting effect.
You can also use a few drops as a platform to emphasize and reverberate another scent belong to Tiziana Terenzi collection, thus creating, through a game of tensions and harmonies, your exclusive and unique fragrance.

Tiziana’s creative inspiration deliver the project of a new and precious crystal bottle entirely handmade, dedicated to contain these precious essences.
The crystal bottle is grinded with a diamond cut that emphasizes the surrounding light. An exclusive, unique bottle for your collection of pure essences.

A dense honey-like nectar, intense and long lasting as only an Attar can be.

Tiziana and Paolo have always loved the contamination of cultures and personal growth. They were involved in this project since very long time, with the aim to make a perfume nectar with the nice and velvety texture of honey, different from any other product that can be found in the world.

Tiziana and Paolo finally realized their dream, creating a new wonder which is also a new fragrance category: Attar nectar.

A genuine essence of artistic perfumery, reserved for a select few who possess the gift of knowledge. Your presence will be emphasized by a trail of Charm, and your ascendant will be fortified by stellar effluvia.

From the constellation of Orion, here are two essences inspired by the most magical stars, Saiph and Tabit, incredibly wealthy and rich. A true object of stellar pleasure able to create, in the hands of skilled experts, unique and inimitable compositions.


Parfume Extrait


Parfume Extrait

Extrait de Parfum

From the innovative project of artistic perfumery inspired by the search for the root of the sum of the essence of perfume, on the wake of the refined Attar, here the creativity of Tiziana introduces two new wonders, dedicated to contain these precious extracts.

From the precious nectar of Attar, in fact, we see the two gushing precious Extrait de Parfum able to give a unique experience, even stellar, to whom will have the privilege of wearing them.

We decided to decline our precious Attar in an equally precious Extrait de Parfum version to give to our loyal fans the pleasure of a family and daily use of these wonderful stars.

We recommend to the more daring and sophisticated, eager to live an unforgettable experience, to combine the use of this extract combined to his attar to create a perfume with an incredible long lasting effect and indomitable and persistent wake.
No one can help but notice you.

From the constellation of Orion, here are two essences inspired by the most magical stars Saiph and Tabit, incredibly wealthy and rich, with exceptional long lasting effect  and disturbing wake. A true object of stellar pleasure able to create, in the hands of skilled experts, unique and inimitable compositions.


Extrait de Parfum


Extrait de Parfum


Assoluto was born from the fire of memory, which warms and illuminates the Tiziana Terenzi Luna collection, inspired by blended moments of life, like precious pieces of a mosaic made of stars, and by the magical web of fantasy. Stylistic research advances into new frontiers, passing through the exploration phase before plunging into that dreamlike dimension and climbing back up again, along the complex pathways of the jewel.

The creative research of Tiziana yearns to achieve perfection by mixing innovative design with the tradition of fine Italian jewelry, a sector in which it is one of the leading exponents. Its style again marries the visionary madness of Paolo, heading together toward new frontiers on a trip that never ends.

The dreamy encounter of knowledge and the magic of real experiences become Assoluto: drops of precious uniqueness reserved for a selected few.

The stylistic perfection of completely handmade Italian jewelry is the setting for these rare and valuable essences. Spirits of light extracted in the wake of cosmic parables, drawn from the stardust after which they are named.

Indeed, the Luna collection draws inspiration from the Constellations that Paolo and Tiziana learned to recognize as children, together with their beloved Grandpa Guglielmo, known as Gumin, great expert of the Vault of Heaven and its surprising mythological stories, which he would tell to them with the sweetest love and most masterly wisdom.

From the memories of the most magical period of the human journey, where the fragrances of Luna collection came to life, the artistic research explores and examines details about the original compositions that nobody ever knew. New, even more precious unique creations that gather the strength and intensity of the notes and melodies heard in the Moon. Here an unexpected emotion pours out to face the acrobatic soloist performance on the variant of the theme, just as a jazz player loves to do during an inspired jam session.

The olfactory pyramid is dilated, sectioned and newly interpreted, capturing the most noteworthy divergences enclosed therein. The scented reflections are amplified into innovative and revolutionary structures of unreleased matrix. Tensions, contrasts, dissonances and melodies which are contained in a harmonic sequence of emotions, privilege of the few refined connoisseurs who are truly capable of understanding the essence of the new metre.

After exploring the constellations of Andromeda, Draco and Ursa, the journey continues, focusing on the most mysterious stars contained therein. The brightest dot in the infinite universe is now enclosed in a drop of Assoluto.


Extrait de Parfum


Extrait de Parfum


Extrait de Parfum